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Conseillère et partenaire des produits et services BEMER

Rachel St Pierre, IBD
Conseillère et partenaire
des produits et service BEMER

Partner BEMER 合作伙伴 BEMER 파트너 BEMER Socio BEMER Kumppani BEMER Συνεργάτης BEMER Mitra BEMER パートナー BEMER Partneris BEMER Partneris BEMER Parceiro BEMER Партнер BEMER Ortak BEMER Партнер BEMER Partenaire BEMER Rachel St Pierre

From a very young age, my instincts have always led me to seek out the origins of events that have marked my life path, an essential quest in my personal development.

For over a decade now, I have lived in harmony with one fundamental truth: that in order to age well and enjoy good health, priority must be given to health and wellness strategies.

Fortunately, natural therapies such as BEMER are there to assist me and every day, I give thanks for their many healing benefits.

At Hertz for Health, our primary goal is to help you experience the many positive results you can get by integrating BEMER as part of your health protocol from the comfort of your home, office, while on vacation, or before and after physical activity

The science and technology developed by BEMER improves the flow of microcirculation in the body. It has enhanced the lives of millions of people in many countries over the past 25 years now.


We aspire to make known to people of all ages and walks of life, including athletes and health professionals, the potential of the BEMER therapeutic system - a technology which supports the natural bio-energetic of the body.

Regularly, users testify to the positive benefits they feel since they have integrated this therapeutic system for their health and well-being into their daily lives. Their inspiring stories inspire me to share more of this
wonderful technology.

At Hertz for Health, our core values are respect, honesty, freedom and responsibility. I warmly invite everyone who shares these values to join me in this adventure of sharing well-being.

Each and every individual who contacts me is a precious soul to me, and I consider it a privilege to be able to accompany them.
My dearest wish for you is to act now to preserve your well-being.


Turn your home into a place of personal care - it's possible.

Call on me to seek my advice. I am here to help you.

So be it!


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