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BEMER therapy system Rachel St Pierre

Improve your overall well-being

With BEMER microcirculation technology

Discover a revolutionary technology to improve your overall well-being with BEMER.

The BEMER medical therapeutic system positively supports the effects of medications, other medical interventions, and physical performance. This healthcare system, whether used at home, in a clinic, or in a sports center, allows for much more effective and higher-quality muscle recovery and strengthening.

Furthermore, regardless of your needs for any other bodily conditions, the science behind the BEMER signal has been recognized by international scientists for its numerous benefits for the past 25 years.

Benefits for everyone, regardless of age

  • Improves microcirculation

  • Promotes physical and mental well-being

  • Effective therapy for the whole body

  • Relieves back discomfort

  • Supports body regeneration

  • Increases physical performance

  • Improves the quality of rest

  • Accelerates injury recovery

  • Reduces stress and anxiety Induces relaxation

  • Improves athletic performance

This patented and unique BEMER signal is based on waves and frequencies (hertz) that our bodies instinctively recognize. Welcome to the world of BEMER medical biotechnology, using pulsed electromagnetic fields to support the health and well-being of all the cells in your body.

Consider gifting yourself the multiple benefits of enhancing your overall well-being with BEMER.

BEMER stands for


BEMER group therapy system

8 minutes is all you need

What does the Bemer therapy device do ?

BEMER aims to improve and facilitate the overall performance of the body.

For 25 years, millions of people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of BEMER.

This class 2 medical therapeutic system is registered with Health Canada, as well as by governments of various countries served by BEMER, thus guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness at home, in a clinic, or sport center. 

Why 8 minutes ?

Bemer's therapeutic system acts on the microcirculation of blood in the body

Vascular circulation is essential, our life depends on it.

The heart propels blood through the large blood vessels, but the vascular supply of the whole body is essentially supported by the autonomous movement generated by contractility of the micro blood vessels. It's these tiny blood capillaries which play a crucial role in delivering nutrients and oxygen while eliminating metabolic waste produced by your body. 

Microcirculation overall well-being
Microcirculation BEMER
Microvascular in humans

BEMER in 8 minutes


The Science of BEMER Therapy - Internationally



BEMER microcirculation and Health Canada


NASA collaboration with BEMER microcirculation technology

Dr. Rainer Klopp, world expert in microcirculation, calls BEMER the most effective and documented method of physical therapy today.

BEMER products offer efficiency, safety and satisfaction. Thousands of customers trust BEMER for its quality medical devices, promoting wellness globally.

BEMER has been scientifically validated by its collaboration with NASA from 2015 to 2020. As a partner, BEMER has contributed to the development of spacesuits and integrated its technology into manned spaceflight, improving the health of astronauts.

Did you know that your body is a powerhouse?

Frequency scale healthy range

Your body is permeated by electricity. Indeed, all living beings produce electricity, a vital force without which we could not survive!


The fundamental constituents of our cells, such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, have different electrical charges that create electricity and help send vital signals to different parts of the body. (Source: University of Maryland)

All of these essential substances are transported throughout our body through the bloodstream.

Both blood circulation and electricity play a vital role in maintaining optimal physiological functioning.

BEMER for horse in 8 minutes

Rachel St Pierre, IBD
Advisor and partner of BEMER products and services

We share our espertise on an internationaly. Our main mission is to help you discover the many benefits of Bemer therapy, accessible from the comfort of your home, office, on vacation or during physical activities.

At Hertz for Health, we are guided by core values such as respect, honesty, freedom and responsibility.

We warmly invite everyone who shares these values to join us in this adventure to promote well-being.

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