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BEMER testimonial

Hello, I am Rachel St Pierre


Six years ago, my right leg became paralyzed due to a compressed nerve in my back, causing an intolerable feeling.

Despite two emergency surgeries to decompress the nerve, these were not successful. A third lumbar fusion surgery was unavoidable to avoid total immobility of my leg in about two years.

At that time, there were no alternatives to lumbar fusion, and muscle relaxants were not an option.


While waiting for this third surgery, I was desperately looking for solutions to soothe my severe discomfort. That's when a friend suggested I try a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy called BEMER.

During my first session of about 20 minutes, I felt warmth and tingling in my lower back, as if the inflammation had dissipated. Three hours after the session, I was amazed to walk faster and with a straighter back. The benefits accumulated over the sessions.

The third surgery was successful, and my recovery was quick. My neurosurgeon, comparing quarterly x-rays over the next year, was surprised at the quality of regeneration achieved.

Currently, I no longer experience any discomfort in my back, and my leg is working at 100%.


This experience made me passionate about sharing the importance of health and wellness, accessible from home through technologies like I used, BEMER's Therapeutic System.

The energy and regenerative capacities of the body know no limits related to age.

Aging can be approached preventively and with kindness, using all available means for physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Following this period of convalescence, I had to reorient my professional activities. By becoming a distributor of BEMER products, I joined this company based on well-being, sharing and professionalism.

Thanks to BEMER therapy devices, I have experienced all the benefits:

  • Improves microcirculation

  • Promotes physical and mental well-being

  • Effective therapy for the whole body

  • Relieves back discomfort

  • Supports body regeneration

  • Increases physical performance

  • Improves the quality of rest

  • Accelerates injury recovery

  • Reduces stress and anxiety Induces relaxation

BEMER has maximized my health potential on all levels, right from my home. It was a victory in many aspects of my life.


Through my journey, I encourage you to stay healthy throughout your life.

My wish for you is to age in good health, because that is worth gold!

Adapting your home into a place of personal care is possible.

So be it !


Rachel St Pierre
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