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BEMER microcirculation technology products
for the overall well-being of humans and animals

You are looking for extra energy, better rest, accelerated muscle recovery, improved athletic performance or simply general prevention, we invite you to discover BEMER products for the overall health of humans and animals.

The best therapeutic technology
for use at home, in the office or in the clinic

Discover the BEMER Premium-Set Evo*, the complete solution for your physical vascular therapy. This equipment meets all your needs. The new B.Box Evo console seduces with its sleek design, the use of special materials and its well-thought-out ergonomics. Its large, clear touch screen is remarkably easy to use, allowing you to control up to two applicators simultaneously and independently of each other.

In addition to this innovative console, the BEMER Premium-Set Evo includes a complete set of application modules and accessories. These different applicators transmit the BEMER signal generated by the control unit directly to the parts of the body to be treated. B.Body Evo, B.Pad Evo or B.Spot Evo: the BEMER Premium Set Evo has everything you need for a beneficial moment of relaxation.

Take advantage of this all-in-one solution for your physical vascular therapy and appreciate its elegant design, quality materials, as well as its ease of use thanks to the intuitive touch screen. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and well-being with the BEMER Premium-Set Evo.

Bemer Therapeutic Technology for Humans

The best for the health of your leisure or competition horse

Your horse deserves excellence, no concessions are to be made. Opt for the BEMER horse set, the ideal therapy system for your stable. Its innovative and high-end design offers elegance and practicality.

Offer your faithful equine companion the best care available, with the assurance that this exceptional veterinary device will meet your expectations.

BEMER supports your horse in all circumstances

  • Rest

  • Recovery

  • Regeneration

  • Prevention

  • Performance

  • Flexibility

  • Before and after surgery

BEMER Horse set
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